What Should We Get Mark For (pick an occasion)
I have just about everything a man could want. And so, around Christmas or my birthday, I always get "You're IMPOSSIBLE to buy for!"
Here it is. Golf at Pebble Beach. You don't have to buy me a plane ticket or anything. Pebble Beach is on my bucket list...
Billings Holiday Parade This Week
How can it already be that time of year? Thanksgiving is this week and then kicks off the Christmas season! And what a better way to ring it in than the Holiday Parade in downtown Billings!
The parade takes place the day after Thanksgiving so next Friday, November 24...
Does Your Pet Get A Christmas Stocking?
I don't have pets... But if I did you better know they would have huge stockings! I asked around my office and the overall consensus was that pets are 'kids' and part of the family.  How can you not buy the one thing that loves you unconditionally all the toys in the pet store...
Hallmark Has Released Their Holiday Movie LineUp
You know it's almost Halloween when we start seeing Christmas everything! But who the heck cares?! We all know that the holiday season starts when the Hallmark channel comes out with all their new movies for the season! So, grab some hot apple cider, a warm blanket and get set for October 28th …
Top Holiday Toys 2017
So here's the deal. You've probably begun your Christmas shopping you probably have no idea what to get OR your child has already asked 9,751 times for said toy. I'm just preparing you... You're welcome!
Hatchimals Surprise
littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
Num Noms Nail Polish Maker
I Love Being This Little Girl’s Dad…Especially At Christmas!
I never knew how much I would enjoy being a parent until it happened. My little girl is 9 and this has got to be one of the most enjoyable phases of her childhood. I truly enjoy our time together and Christmas seems to magnify that.
Last weekend, we watched "Scrooged", "Chr…
What A Year
2016 started without us knowing if we were going to be working or not, and here we are.  Now we are leaving on vacation during the holidays and it will be 2017 when we come back.  Thanks to all of you for another great year.  I really hope each and every one of you have a wonderf…
Thinking About My Life
Dear Santa,
Although I may have quit believing in you back in the 70's, I sure could use your help this year for Christmas. I could use a better on air monitor in the "Cat" studio. And maybe some new CD players that work, for use during our "Golden Oldies" hou…
Best Christmas Presents
For Weird Wednesday today, we had folks tell us what their "best ever" Christmas gift was.
We had quite a few "kids/relatives" came home for Christmas. Also had a few stories from folks who received dogs as gifts. And I was a little surprised at just how popular th…

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