Let's face it, Christmas is EXHAUSTING. It happens every year, yet we still seem to be caught off guard by all the TO-DOs and partying. Money is usually tight near the end of the year already. Now you're telling me I got to spend what little money I have on gifts for people I am not sure I even like that much? Not to mention, all the holiday parties you have to attend, the endless loop of Christmas music, and the thought of all the weight you are going to put on during the holiday from all the drinking and eating.

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Some states burn out easier than others when it comes to Christmas cheer.

American Addiction Centers recently did a study on the "Festive Burnout from Drinking and Partying." The study focused on how quickly people can lose their holiday cheer if they eat and drink too much. They surveyed nearly 3,200 people and simply asked how long after Black Friday they can handle all the sweet, savory food and booze before it begins to take its toll.


Starting from Black Friday leading up to Christmas day, a majority of the states in the US started to feel worn out from the holidays this past week. With states like California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, and Nevada tapping out on the 10th.

The people of New Hampshire seem to have the highest holiday stamina. The study shows they can last all the way to the 15th before they start to feel the cheer start to slip.

thought catalog via unsplash.com
thought catalog via unsplash.com

Montana and Vermont checked out already. The study shows that we here in Montana don't last much longer than a week after Thanksgiving before we are ready for a long winter's nap. Montana is burnt out by December 7th.

So enjoy the holidays as much as you can. But party responsibly, and don't overdo it. You might find yourself dreading Christmas more than the Grinch.

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