Billings Lawyers Need To Step It Up [VIDEO]
I don't see as many "If you've been injured in a accident..." style commercials as I used to. I'm not sure why that is, but I do remember them as being fairly annoying and dominating late night TV commercial spots.
This guy in Texas has taken annoying legal ads to a w…
Godzilla Is Actually a Really Cool Guy in New Snickers Ad
Did you know that when he's not rampaging through cities and laying waste to the countryside, the legendary beast known as Godzilla is actually a really cool guy who likes to party, hang out with his buddies and play a mean game of ping pong? That's the one joke in a new Snickers ad, but t…
Taylor Swift and LL Cool J Co-Star in Ads for 2012 Grammys
Taylor Swift and rapper LL Cool J banter away in a trio of new spots promoting the upcoming 2012 Grammy Awards, which air on CBS on Feb. 12. Swift is set to perform, while LL has been tapped as the host. The duo have terrific comedic chemistry and timing in these cute, short and sweet ads.
The Greatest Super Bowl Ads of All Time [VIDEOS]
The Super Bowl might bring the promise of glory to one group of lucky fans and humiliating and bitter defeat to another, but for the rest of the universe, it's a chance to enjoy some primo, top-of-the-line adver-tainment.
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