Bay City Rollers
This goes back several years ago when Paul & I got on the topic of the band, the Bay City Rollers.
This was pre-Facebook and we got quite a few calls about folks from Great Falls, who were at their show at the grand stands at the fairgrounds in Great Falls in about 1978ish.
Fair Survey
It's fair time in our town, and I just want to ask you two questions about it.
1. What's your favorite thing at the fair?
2. What's your least favorite?
Free Admission To The Fair
Paul has been trying to get the county commissioners here to let people into our fair for free, for years. And now, Missoula is going to do it. It's time for us too.
Let your county commissioners know that you like this idea.
John Ostlund    256-2701
Robyn Driscoll 256-2701
Dennis Pittman…
Boycott by Metra
You may have noticed that a lot of fair commercials are not airing on the CAT.  I am the blame for that.  I think there is some displeasure with my comments about the taxpayers of Yellowstone County also getting a free day like other sectors of the population...
Is Your Summer Over?
I was sitting in a local tavern last week when the guy next to me said "Well, the fair is about here, so the summer's over".  I guess that was his benchmark.
For some, summer is over when the first day of school arrives.
For me, summer ends when I finally get to put the mow…
Admission To The Fair Should Be Free
Its that time of year where I do my annual "admission to the fair should be free" argument.  We are already paying taxes to keep the facility up and running.  The extra 8 dollars in a person's pocket would be left there, along with countless other dollars...
Fair Trade Market Comes to the Depot
If you're into handmade items, you might want to check out the Fair Trade Market this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Depot. These markets happen all over the country and allow artisans from predominantly impoverished nations to earn a living by selling their crafts at a fair wage...
The One Ride I Will NOT Ride At MontanaFair [VIDEO]
I've ridden lots of thrill rides, but for some reason I just can't seem to get the nerve to ride the Sling Shot.
I'm not sure if it's the fear of death, the fear of looking like an ass on YouTube from screaming, passing out, or even worse...
MontanaFair Shows Off Our Best Local Talent
As always, MontanaFair will have some famous names on the event line up. Like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blue Oyster Cult, and country crooner Martina McBride.
Those will no doubt be great shows, but don't underestimate the entertainment value in the not-so-famous category: The talent show...
Get Your Caffeine Buzz On At The Fair
Montana Fair is coming in August and one of my favorite yearly rituals is to get a grease soaked sack of deep fried cheese curds from a pimply faced teenager on the midway.
Over the years carnival venders have battered and dipped almost everything into boiling oil in an attempt to thin the herd of fa…

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