Montana’s Most Googled Medical Symptom
Here are some states I'm glad I don't live in:

Wisconsin "light colored poop."
Idaho "symptoms of E. coli."
Nebraska "signs of low testosterone."
South Carolina "dark green stool."
Indiana "uncircumcised problems."
Time To Get Moving
I think anyone who has a job that involves mostly sitting needs to make a plan to work in some exercise each day.
Bedtime For The Beautiful
One of the things keeping me from being beautiful is my lack of sleep (the other thing is mainly my genes). I can't do anything about genetics, but I did learn today that there is a weirdly specific bedtime that according to scientists can help people look better.
The Cure for Motion Sickness on Those Long Montana Road Trips
Giant state plus spread out cities equals occasional long road trips for most Montanans.  Most of those trips tend to involve traversing a mountain pass or two.  Not a problem for two thirds of us, but for those with motion sickness it's definitely an issue...
Heart Month 2018
February is American Heart Month. For you north of town, it's not because Valentine's Day is in February. The reason is to raise awareness of the seriousness of high blood pressure and heart disease, the numero uno killer in America. People think that mine must be through the roof, ac…
Time To Offend Someone
A new health survey for Yellowstone County has indicated that 66% of the county is overweight and a third are considered obese.  People are killing themselves and either don't care or don't think it’s abnormal because so many people are in the same shape...
“Super Lice” In Montana: What To Tell Your Kids
The term "Super Lice" has been given to a strain of lice that apparently have a mutation making them resistant to the typical over the counter treatments.  They're no more of a health threat than regular lice, but they can be quite a bit more difficult to get rid of...

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