metra park

My Afternoon At The Jobs Jamboree
I just wanted to say thank you to the organizers of today's Jobs Jamboree at Metra Park. They asked me to do a presentation about careers in radio. Most people aren't brave enough to hand me a microphone and say "here, talk about radio" because, as my wife can tell you, t…
At The Band Perry Concert: The View From Backstage
Most people think that radio station personalities just work 4 hours a day talking over song intros and then we go home. Most of us do much more behind the scenes (this blog and the others like it for instance). Not all of it is glamorous but more often than not working in radio is a blast.
Cool Stuff Along Billings Bike Trails
For the second straight week I borrowed a Cannondale bike from the Downtown Billings Association's Loan-A-Bike program. First I need to thank Joe Trout who heads up the program for loaning me a bike over the weekend. Luckily on Saturday the weather was fantastic so I got a great ride in whereas…

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