Modern Pet Peeve
I'm not even entirely certain why this bugs me, but it does. "Hey, you gotta watch this video on Youtube!" And then somebody's smart phone gets shoved in my face while they wait for me to watch their great video discovery.
Couldn't I just look at it later when I get a…
7.6 Billion
People on You Tube spent 7.6 billion minutes watching a giraffe give birth. Can you believe that?  I would be willing to bet that Montana folks didn't spend as much time there as New Jersey folks.  If you live here chances are you have seen things being born over and over again...
Touring a Montana Ghost Town by Drone [Video]
In a world of technology it is nice to take a step back into the past and view things as they are now. I love history and love learning about the things that were long before my time.
This is one of those times.
As you probably well know, Elkhorn, Montana is a small ghost town in Jefferson County…

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