I have to say if someone told me I could only eat the rest of my life at one restaurant, without hesitation, it would be at P.F. Chang's. Their Orange Peel Chicken on steamed brown rice might be my favorite all-time meal. When I moved to Billings a couple of years ago the fact that there wasn't a P.F. Chang's was probably the most disappointing fact I discovered. Big Sky, clean air, low crime, great skiing, awesome river rafting... and no P.F. Chang's. Right now someone is playing a very tiny violin.

To be sure you can get quality Chinese food in Billings at China Bistro in the Shiloh Crossing shopping center as I just ate there on Friday. I even ate my leftovers. But that's like saying Jana Kramer is a great substitute for Adriana Lima. One is pretty the other is a frickin' supermodel. I realize that's a shallow comparison but we're talking about Chinese food here.

In closing I'd like to appeal to Centerbridge Partners, the owners of the best Chinese Restaurant chain in the world, to consider opening up a P.F. Chang's here in the Magic City. I believe you would be packed every night because the cuisine is just Americanized enough to even appeal to steak and potatoes roots. This is also an area bereft of ethnic cuisine. We have just 2 Indian restuarants (only one is good), 2 Greek restaurants and 3 or 4 Thai restaurants. While there are 16 Chinese restaurants none of them (except China Bistro) come close to P.F. Chang's.