The festivities are already underway and things have been fun for this St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  One thing about this Irish Holiday is that drinking is a big part of it.

What better way to celebrate than to go to the Irish bars around town and get your drink on. We have plenty of them and I think you might find a green beer at a few of them that will fit your needs.

Here's some that I think you will find to your liking.

With a name like that, you know it's going to be an Irish celebration like no other.

Not only can you get your drink on but I hear they have some really good food, too.

There's something about a nice cold beer and good food. They just kid of go hand in hand.

That is what I really like about these places. The Irish comes out in the best ways at these three Billings bars. Come dressed as you are or throw a little extra green on because this week the red beards comes out to play.

Just remember to drink responsibility.