Being a resident of Montana comes with it's fair share of questions from outsiders. Some of them are just insane like them wanting to know if we have cell phone and internet service here. Duh! Of course we do.

I have compiled my top 3 questions asked of Montanans that are legitimate.

  • Stephanie Frey, Thinkstock

    Does everybody have a gun up there?

    Now let's be realistic. Not everyone has a gun here but most people do, especially in Yellowstone County. We are proud of our firearms and will protect ourselves in bad situations. Honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Are you worried that the Yellowstone volcano is going to erupt and kill you all?

    Yes and no. It's bound to happen sometime and we are all going to die anyway. Although we don't want it to blow up we are not consuming our day thinking about. We have better things to do like go out and get in some target practice.

  • Thinkstock

    Why would you want to live in Montana?

    That's simple. The people, the beauty of our landscape and it's the best darn place in the world to be. Plain and simple.