I have been looking at the Cat Country VIP Club, again,and have come across another item that I really wish I could get my hands on.

These things are way cool. The funny thing is, right after Christmas I was in the studio when my headphones took a dive and stopped working. I had to order a set of new ones from a broadcast company that cost me more than I was hoping.

They are good headphones don't get me wrong, but these Beats Headphones are some of the best out there.

When I am trying to do a show, the sound of my headphones has to be the best for the show outcome to be right. The headphones that you can win in our VIP Club have that sound. They are awesome.

Wanna win some really good studio quality headphones? These are it. In fact, some of my broadcast buddies across the country use these exact headphones when they are doing their shows and they swear by them.

Check them out now and get in to win them before they are gone.

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