I have read recently about slow downs in the oil fields that caused layoffs. When those happen, the ripple effect can be felt far and wide.

The circle of life, or in this case money has to stay moving because if one link is removed it can cause break down in numerous other areas.

I feel bad for anyone that loses their job because of slow work or a company shutting down. I have felt that pain once in my life and would not want to feel it again.

This actually happened to a friend of mine last week.

He worked for a heating and cooling company in Billings. From what he told me, they started experiencing a slow down in work and a number of the employees were laid off to keep the company afloat.

He has been beating the streets of the Magic City ever since trying to find work and it hasn't been too rewarding for him.

He stopped by Crowne Plaza to chat with me the other day. He said that interviews were in the works but his spirit was down because things have been slim.

I have been there and it sucks.

I am sure something will turn up for him soon and I am crossing my fingers for him and his family.

Are you dealing with this issue too?

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