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I was in Missoula over the 4th Of July weekend and I stopped into one of the Montana Clubs for lunch. In fact, here's a plug for all the Montana Clubs in Montana: If you eat there on your birthday, you get your age as a percentage off of the price of your meal. Say you're turning 37, then you get 37% off the price of your meal. So, if you're going to be 100 any time soon, that's where I'd have my birthday dinner.

OK, back to tipping. I tip 99% of the time. For me not to tip, it had to have been a horrendous experience. Like the zero tip I left for that dinner that took 3 1/2 hours. No tip for you.

But generally, I'll tip 15% at the worst, but the tip gets bigger with better service. Greet our group at our table in under 30 seconds, your tip just got bigger. Same for prompt drink delivery and taking the food order promptly. Then being checked on after the food has arrived and asking "how are the first few bites?" I've found that they generally ask that question while I'm chewing so I can't complain even if I wanted to.

Then give me a little personality. That's a home run. And Ryan, my server that day was awesome. A little personalized note on my receipt seals the maximum tip. And this is the guy I'll ask for next time that I'm there.

My mom spent her entire career waitressing and bartending, so I learned from one of the best in the business.

I've noticed a lot of the regular wait staff at many of my regular haunts took the unemployment checks and chose to keep staying at home. So the ones who are working now have chosen to work and that's worth a bigger tip as well. Just my take on it.

Also, if you're reading this and I under tipped you message me and I'll get you some hush money.

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