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Are you pumped for the earlier Black Friday hours? Well, even if you're not, many people are, and that means crowds of clawing and elbowing customers will be looking for the best deals. Whether you're a seasoned Black Friday shopper or someone venturing out into the retail wilderness for the first time, you can save some hair pulling by letting your smart phone do most of the work.

Here are some of the best mobile apps for anyone looking to get the sweetest deals on Black Friday or Black Midnight with the least amount of stress.



Barcode Scanning Apps



Every savvy Black Friday shopper has a barcode scanning app to help compare prices on the spot and make sure they're really getting the lowest price. On the iPhone, check out RedLaser for high-scan accuracy and quick results. On an Android, your best bet is Barcode Scanner. Not only do you get accurate scans and fast results, it also supports QR codes and has tons of other features. On your Blackberry, let ShopSmart be your guide. It’s easy to use and you can set alerts so you know exactly when the prices on those must-haves change. And, since we know you like a steal, these are all free.


eBay Inc.


TGI Black Friday



Search the 10,000 Black Friday deals at more than 50 retailers, make a shopping list, compare prices and shop online with the hot-off-the-presses TGI Black Friday app for iPhone and Android. The best thing about this secret weapon is that it can send you push notifications the moment new deals are “leaked.” And have we mentioned we know you like free stuff? Well, this app is free.


TGI Black Friday


Dealnews Black Friday App



The Dealnews website is a place where “every day is Black Friday” and now it can help you reign supreme on that darkest of days with their Black Friday app. Browse “leaked” ads from major retailers and stay up-to-date on deals that beat the best Black Friday bargains. You can also connect directly to retailers’ websites to make purchases or locate a store with a hot sale near you. This one’s for iPhone and Android, and once again, it’s free.




Amazon Mobile App



If you get fed up with the crowds, and just want to whimper and eat the impulse cookies you bought in the quiet of your car, the Amazon mobile app is the thing for you. Load up on barcode scans, compare prices and order right from the app. You’ll enjoy the user experience and you can shop from lists you’ve already created. If you haven’t caught on already, it’s also free, and available for iPhone and Android.


Amazon Mobile


Toys R Us App for iPad



We all know how much running, crying, whining and fighting there is at the toy store on Black Friday, and that’s just the parents. Give yourself a break this year with the free Toys R Us app. Your kids can create a wish list on the app, which can then connect directly to the Toys R Us online store. This means no more guessing what the craze of the moment is or playing rock-paper-scissors for the last one on the shelf. There are even special discounts in the app, and being that it's iPad only, it'll be easy for the whole family to get in on the fun.


Toys R Us

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