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Trip Diary: Jamaican Elevators
Instead of another colorful picture of paradise, I give you: (a rendition of) the elevator panel in our hotel.
First of all, there is no "Lobby" button. For the lobby, press 2.
Next, which button do you press to get to the floor that your room is on...
Trip Diary: Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, The Resort
This is a photo of one of the pieces of artwork that caught my eye at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall from last week.
Most of the pictures that our group took seemed to feature the beach, the pools and all of the plant life. But the resort was incredibly well kept and has a LOT of tiles that got polish…
What You Missed
If you weren't tuned in this morning, you missed quite a bit.
We shared our memories of the morning of the 9/11 attacks while we were on the air on that fateful morning.
We also took our first 5 qualifiers for our trip to Jamaica. If you'd like to get signed up, stop by the Stadium Club in t…
Pups In The Park
Tonight at the Mustang game you can bring your dog to the ballpark. Maybe some day city officials will let our little league use it to for their special championships too. If we have a day for the dogs, we should be able to have a day for the kids to play baseball there...
I have Too Many....
What's yours? What do you have too many of?
I know I'm overstocked on some things like golf balls, tennis shoes and coolers. But, one thing that I never thought I'd be overstocked on is chicken broth. Yes, really.
I'll be grabbing groceries and think "I'd better get o…
Who Are You Going To Make Happy?
The Megamillions lottery is up to about a half of a BILLION dollars for the next drawing.
Let's say that you win it. Who are you going to make happy, and what are you going to buy?
I'm buying mom and step mom both houses. Then I'm building the most beautiful concert set up you've e…
The Letter
After 30 plus years its always still good to hear from our listeners. Check out the following.

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