Hot young country newcomer Hunter Hayes got the opportunity of a lifetime when he opened up for superstar Carrie Underwood on her Blown Away Tour this year. He wrapped up his dates with Underwood at a performance in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Saturday night (May 18) -- but she wasn't going to let him get away without a proper sendoff, pulling an onstage prank that really got his goat.

In the clip above, Hayes is performing as usual when about thirty seconds into it, a goat appears on the large screen to the side of the stage. It can be heard "singing" along with the young performer briefly, then vanishes, only to re-appear and scream a few more wordless lines in unison, much to the delight of the audience.

The prank is part of a strange internet trend called "goating," in which a screaming goat is randomly added to a musical performance. It's seemingly been sweeping the world, with a number of viral videos featuring goat versions of top songs. Underwood planned the prank in advance and posted about it to Twitter, writing, "Hunter Hayes' last show on the #BlownAwayTour = time for pranks!" A couple of minutes later she added a picture of the goat on the screen and wrote, "Need I say more?"

Later that night Underwood posted a link to the fan video of the prank, writing, "Tee hee! Thanks @HunterHayes for being on the road with us! You will be missed!"

Of course, turnabout is fair play; Underwood herself has been goated, along with Taylor Swift, in a couple of hilarious viral videos.

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