Halle Berry's buzzworthy CBS/Steven Spielberg thriller 'Extant' has barely shot a single frame, so little that a recent TCA presentation cobbled together footage from other movies as a teaser, but now we have something real to chew on. The first official teaser for CBS summer sci-fi drama 'Extant' has hit, and it's...well, it's still pretty confusing.

Winking at 'Jurassic Park' with some of its "life finds a way" rhetoric, the first teaser for 'Extant' shows no actual footage, but rather highlights the definition of the show's title amid a backdrop of dividing cells, and ultimately a fetus. We're gathering that Halle Berry's astronaut experiences drastically alters her family life back on earth, but are space babies on the way?

Premiering on CBS July 2, ‘Extant,’  the network describes ‘Extant’ as a futuristic thriller chronicling a female astronaut (Berry) attempting to reconnect with her family after a year spent in outer space, and whose experiences lead to events that will forever change the course of human history as we know it.

The teaser is wague and unsettling, but worth a look all the same! Check out the teaser for Spielberg's new CBS drama 'Extant' above, and let us know in the comments if you want to know what Halle Berry's been up to...in space!

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