Chris Janson's life has changed dramatically since the release of his first No. 1 single, "Buy Me a Boat," last year. Nominated for three ACM Awards, on tour with Blake Shelton and having several songs he wrote currently on the radio, Janson is all smiles when he sits down to chat with Taste of Country.

"It's unbelievable," he says with a big smile, easing into a chair at the Taste of Country studios. "'Buy Me a Boat' has surpassed everything I could have imagined. It's a Platinum song. It's a No. 1 song. It skyrocketed. It really broke my career into the stratosphere. We're on a new single now called 'The Power of Positive Drinkin'" and it's doing quite well, picking up lots of steam. The Buy Me a Boat album overall is doing very well. I'm seeing that a lot in relation to touring."

You talk about dreams coming true, and my dreams have come true.

Janson previously told ToC that "Power of Positive Drinkin'" is a "dang the luck" song. While it's hard to imagine the singer in any difficult situations as of late, he says he has been there, and he'll never sing or write anything that he hasn't lived himself.

"Power of Positive Drinkin'" is a staple in Janson's live show, and he says he knows the song is working because the audience is singing along to it every night. Having kicked off the year on tour with Shelton, Janson had only positive things to say about the "Came Here to Forget" singer.

"It's a real treat to be around him, just a good guy. The one thing I would take away from being around Blake is that he is so humbling to be around. He does so much for people that he doesn't even know he's doing," Janson explains. "He's a really good human being. He's a good guy to have on the earth, I'm telling you. He does more for people than they could ever ask for. Not only is he a great entertainer, songwriter, singer, I'm proud to call him a friend."

I always said I never got into this for trophies and it's true, I got into it for the love of music.

Janson heads to Las Vegas this weekend for the ACM Awards, where he is nominated in three categories. He says he was sleeping in the morning the nominations were announced, and turned on his phone to see 32 messages of congratulations.

"I always said I never got into this for trophies and it's true, I got into it for the love of music," he explains. "The fact that now I'm nominated for three ACM Awards, which at the end of the day are trophies, it's pretty cool. I'm extremely excited. You always hope to win, we're hoping for the best. We're going to show up and dress up with bells and whistles on and have a good time."

Whether or not he wins on Sunday, it is evident Janson is winning on radio. Not only is "Power of Positive Drinkin'" getting airplay, but he also wrote LoCash's "I Love This Life" and Randy Houser's new single, "Song Number 7."

"Everything is going our way," he concedes. "I'm on the radio, getting to play the Opry, touring my butt off, everyone's healthy which is most important. It's been a pretty banner year. You talk about dreams coming true, and my dreams have come true."

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