It's not unusual for country stars to voice their opinions on politics. Artists from all different sides of the political spectrum have weighed in with their views in the past, so it's not too difficult to imagine that, eventually, a country star might run for political office.

In fact, both Hank Williams Jr. and Tim McGraw have actively expressed an interest in eventually running, though on opposite sides of the aisle. Toby Keith has changed his stance on some aspects of politics, re-registering as an independent in 2008 after being a lifelong Democrat, so he might have some ideas as to how to fix partisan bickering in the American political system.

Charlie Daniels makes no secret of his proud conservative views, nor does Trace Adkins. Of course, the always-outspoken Natalie Maines would have to run on a liberal ticket to have any chance at all, but Garth Brooks could appeal to a moderate-to-left-leaning ticket,  and Willie Nelson would probably run as a libertarian.

Which country star would you most like to see run for political office? Vote as often as once an hour, and if you don't see your own favorite choice here, let us know in the comments section below.

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