Apollo 12 was the second successful spacecraft landing on the moon. Taking place in November of 1969, the crew did experiments and analyses of the moon, but they weren't alone. All three of the astronauts were accompanied by photos of Playboy models, one of which is from Montana. Why did NASA do it, and why does it sound so awesome? Let's find out.

The Montana Playmate Who Went to the Moon

Reagan Wilson's family moved to Missoula, and she studied at the University of Montana. She became a model soon after and became Playboy's "Playmate of the Month" in October 1967.

As a joke, NASA put centerfold photos of Wilson and three other models into the checklists of the crew of Apollo 12. According to the women in a 1994 Playboy article, they didn't even know that their photos were on the moon.

Credit: NASA.gov
Credit: NASA.gov

Photos of the Astronauts Show The Models to the World

A photo of Wilson leaning on a hay bale is in this photo from the mission. It's quite grainy to see, but you'll be able to tell that the checklist on the astronaut's wrist is not a normal checklist page. According to Pete Conrad, the astronaut in the photo, he kept the photo of Wilson framed on his wall for many years after the mission but didn't realize that her photo was on his wrist at the time that the photo was taken.

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Such an interesting story, but even more interesting when you realize that Reagan Wilson is not only the first Montana model taken to the moon but also the first one to be photographed on the moon too. How awesome is that?

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