Making a quick stop on your way home tonight to pick up some carry out? If so, do you tip the person that walks it out of the restaurant to your car? I feel like a jerk because I never thought of doing that.

A church in South Florida recently ordered over $700 in food from Outback Steakhouse. The volunteer that went to pick it up didn't know that they should have tipped the worker who brought it to their car.

That's when things got ugly. The worker had some not so nice words to say about them on social media, a move that wound up costing her her job. The church was refunded their money, but said they did not want the her fired.

Do you tip at least 15% on carry out? Should you be fired from a restaurant if you blast a customer on social media? Should the church have been given a refund and should they have accepted it?

What do you think?

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