Montana Ranches Are Struggling With Democrat Policies
Calf prices are pretty good right now on average and the same with grain prices, but Democrat policies are killing us. The war on fossil fuels is just the start of our costs to produce and the cost of shipping is up substantially since the election. Property taxes up.
Vaccine Mandate? What Does The Covid19 Vaccine Really Do?
On September 9th President Joe Biden issued an executive order mandating federal employees be vaccinated. According to the order, all employees will be required to show proof of their vaccination status. Employees will no longer have the option of weekly testing showing they don't have cov…
Does This Scare You? The Facebook Outage in Billings.
It is amazing how an outage of Facebook has affected our offices today.  It was the talk in the hallways.  We use it for our business to get our message out to the public, but I am sure there are a few desperate to check their newsfeeds. How many times have you refreshed the page today, at…
Race or Sex Should Not Matter When Hiring Billings Police.
Let's hire the candidate who went to the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and got the best grades in Human Behavior; Social Interaction, Patrol Operations (which includes police vehicle operations), Investigations, Firearm Instruction, Appropriate use of force, and all the things that law enforc…
It’s Time To Evacuate Chicago. (Opinion)
Now let's look at Chicago. Drug gangs have been in a constant war trying to acquire new turf and killing innocent people including children at a record pace. Just this weekend over 50 were shot and 6 have died so far and that death toll could go up.

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