Just weeks after learning that 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith will officially depart the series at the end of 2013, this past weekend saw the internet aflutter with rumors that his replacement had already been chosen, with a supposed announcement forthcoming this week. Choices ran the gamut from Dominic ('Captain America') Cooper to Rory ('Skyfall') Kinnear, but now the BBC has finally stepped in to deliver the truth of 'Doctor Who's future.

In short? Patience. The BBC released a statement today responding to the most recent rumors of an imminent announcement, saying, "Speculation around the identity of who will be next to step in to the TARDIS is rife. The search has only just begun and all will be revealed over the coming months."

Earlier in the weekend, an article from Starburst Magazine claimed that an announcement would be made within the coming days, with the frontrunners to replace Matt Smith being Domhnall Glesson (Bill Weasley from the 'Harry Potter' series), Daniel Kaluuya ('The Fades') and Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark from 'Captain America'). But that rumor was debunked by both the 'Doctor Who' and BBC Twitter accounts.

Later in the weekend, The UK's Telegraph reported that James Bond franchise player Rory Kinnear had been offered the role, with a source claiming "He has been offered the part and we are waiting to hear if he will accept. He is the perfect choice." It was then the BBC released the above statement, assuring fans the search remains ongoing.

Matt Smith will remain with the series through the 2013 Christmas special, but in in the meantime what say you? Who do you think should inhabit the TARDIS as the next 'Doctor Who?' Give us your picks for the twelfth Time Lord in the comments!

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