Faith Hill talked about her new album — the first in over six years — during her long conversation with ABC’s Robin Roberts last week. She also talked about her impromptu quest to find her biological mother and her discovery of a biological brother.

Hill has never hid that she was adopted by two loving parents in Star, Miss. During the recent ‘In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville’ special, the singer revealed that she went looking for her biological mother only after moving to Nashville. “In the process I found a full brother,” she said. “So we needed one another.”

Hill further explained that she was somewhat lost in Music City at first, but finding her birth mother led her to a path to follow. One day, Hill hopes that she’ll be comfortable sharing the details of that search, which she describes as extraordinary.

Of course, her own family is her primary focus these days, but husband Tim McGraw has been relieving some of her daily duties so she can complete work on her new album. Hill said it’s somewhat intimidating to return after so much time off. Many had wondered if she was done for good, and many more wonder if she can compete with younger female talent like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

“I think society in general is hard on women, period,” Hill said when Roberts asked if returning at age 40 will be too much to overcome. If the reaction to her performance of ‘Come Home’ at the CMA Awards last week is any indicator, she should have no trouble re-entering the race for chart-topping hits.

Watch Faith Hill Talk About Her Biological Family

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