What a week.  And let me be the first to say it...I do not think we heard enough of Kim Kardashian's divorce.

Let's officially wrap up the week with what we we're gabbing out today, and my "Fletcher's Friday Ramblings".

Is it too early for Christmas?  Not that I won't watch it for the 811th time, but the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" airs on tv tomorrow night.  I'm beginning to think Christmas just creeps in a little earlier every year.  Do you think we should enact legislation that there should be an "official" day declared that you can't mention Christmas before it?  Maybe Black Friday??

Here is something else we were talking about...definitions that don't translate from parents to a child.  Like these...


To my father = what a bird says.  To a kid = what Kim Kardashian says. 


To my father = what the buffalo did on the range.  To a kid = excessive phone charges.


To my father = the stuff in one's attic.  To a kid = the stuff in one's pants.

And of course it wouldn't be appropriate to not mention two of Hollywood's most talked about this week...