Every Garth Brooks fan knows the artist only has eyes for “Miss Yearwood,” but there’s a new lady in his life as of late, and her name is Alexa. Brooks has been featured in a collection of new ads for Amazon Echo, an in-home device that houses a virtual personal assistant (a la Siri) who goes by the name of Alexa.

Brooks stars in four new commercials for the gadget, including two with wife Trisha Yearwood.

Each one short but sweet, the ads incorporate Brooks’ sense of humor and genuine relationship with Yearwood. One shows Brooks dancing with his wife in the kitchen while he sings “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” until Yearwood interrupts and asks, “Alexa, what’s the weather?” Unfortunately for Brooks, it’s actually 57 degrees outside, and Yearwood declares he still has to mow the lawn.

Another features Brooks singing along to “Friends in Low Places” into a wooden spoon — also in the kitchen — until Yearwood asks Alexa to pause the music for him to weigh in on her outfit choice. After he points to the one he prefers, Yearwood allows the music to resume. The others show Brooks playing “Thunder Rolls” and deciding to buy a new black hat (because a guy can never have too many).

After avoiding digital music distribution altogether for years, Brooks has recently embraced streaming and allows his catalog to be streamed via Amazon's services, as some of the ads note.

Brooks is still charging forward on his three-year World Tour with Yearwood, making recent pitstops at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting and at the 2016 CMA Awards in early November. The two also released a Christmas album this year, including “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” which they sang at the tree lighting.

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