Gloriana do young love very well. On their new single ‘Best Night Ever,’ the trio sticks to a theme they’ve leaned upon for every single to date, yet they somehow, avoid the “same story, different bar” syndrome.

Credit the growth of lead vocalists Tom Gossin and Rachel Reinert. The interplay between them feels sincere, never theatrical. Mike Gossin provides strong harmonies to help tell the story:

She walked up said she needed a drink / I said Whatcha want, she said Whatcha think / I took a sip and we were slipping away to a little corner table to the left of the stage,” the older Gossin sings to begin ‘Best Night Ever.’ The song is wordy, but their energy helps set the mood for this love story.

“When she talked I just wanted to listen / Just like that we were kissin’ / Whenever I get to reminiscin' / I think about what started out as a / What’s up, catch a buzz, talkin’ ‘bout whatever / Ended up being the best night ever,” Gloriana sing at the chorus.

The song is lifted with light production. It’s a stretch to call their brand of country music organic (which sometimes means boring), but the arrangement and studio adjustments serve the lyric, not vice versa. Gloriana’s maturation has been slow, but songs from their last album and this first single from their new one prove the trio has great potential.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's difficult to turn down that tight three-part harmony. Gloriana are underrated vocalists. This could be the lyric that pushes them to bigger things.

Key Lyrics: "We shook the world like a rocket / Dancin’ with my hands in her pockets / Sun coming up, couldn’t stop it (Whoa, whoa, whoa)"

Did You Know?: Tom and Rachel sing two sides of the same love story on 'Best Night Ever,' and it's convincing. Maybe too convincing? Nope. Tom married longtime girlfriend Jamie Moffett last October.

Listen to Gloriana, ‘Best Night Ever’

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