David Fincher may not be directing a Steve Jobs biopic, but that doesn't mean he isn't keeping busy as his latest film, 'Gone Girl,' hits theaters later this year. The film, which is based on the best selling novel, stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, and now the first 'Gone Girl' trailer has hit the web.

With the trailer featuring a Richard Butler cover of the song "She" by Charles Aznavour (a song which was previously covered by Elvis Costello for the film 'Notting Hill'), we see that Affleck's character is both a champion of the search for his wife and one of the biggest suspects, as we're shown both the good and bad times in his relationship with his missing -- possibly dead -- wife. The 'Gone Girl' trailer has that distinctive Fincher look and color palette, and what's great is that though it offers the twists and turns of similar thrillers (like, say, 'Presumed Innocent'), the music seems to offer a counterbalance that makes it feel more unpredictable.

And perhaps it will be unpredictable when it comes out as Fincher stated that he and screenwriter Gillian Flynn (who also wrote the novel on which the film is based) reworked the book's ending to make it more cinematic. The film also stars Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, Scoot McNairy, Missi Pyle, Casey Wilson, Emily Ratajkowski, Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry (yes, that Tyler Perry), and hits the big screen October 3.

And here is the film's first poster:

'Gone Girl' Poster
20th Century Fox

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