The last best radio contest with The Breakfast Flakes just made one lucky listener the winner of a one-week all-inclusive trip for 2 to the Secrets Akumal Resort in Mexico this January.

It was a standing-room-only crowd at the Powderhorn Lounge last Saturday (11/13) with more than 200 finalists having a chance to win the grand prize vacation with Mark and Paul. To narrow down qualifiers to the final 50, the Flakes selected contestants who would have to win their spot in the finals.

If you've never been to a Flakes Trip party, the games Mark and Paul have the listeners play are what I look forward to every year.

This year, the Flakes hosted their version of The Price is Right, and all the items were things Paul needed around the house anyway.

The Price is Right game at The Flakes Trip Party

"Wilson, you spend too much time on the internet." That was Paul's reaction to the Lego Game that Mark came up with this year. All of these lego games were out of Mark's private collection.

Another newly created game from the mind of Mark is 'Just Blow on It.' And of course, this game involves a case of Coors Light, which is also from Mark's private collection.

One of the favorites of this year's party was the Oreo game, which gave us some hilarious facial expressions from our winner.

And the moment that everyone came to the party to see, besides Paul dancing on-stage, was the drawing for the Grand Prize. Trip for 2 to Mexico. Here's what happened...

Congrats to the winner of the vacation to Mexico, Tina, who gave us the best reaction!

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

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