Everything is bigger in Texas, or so the saying goes.

But, even though the world's largest belt buckle was revealed to the world in Dallas, Texas it was created in Montana.

Montana Silversmiths is a brand that is well known in Wyoming, especially by our Cowboys and Cowgirls. Montana Silversmiths make beautiful jewelry and accessories that all have a Western flair.

They are best known for their belt buckles, and the company is the Official Silversmith of the NFR (National Finals Rodeo), PBR (Professional Bull Riders), and PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

So why did they decide to make the world's largest belt buckle?

Next year Montana Silversmiths celebrates 50 years of business, and they thought they would create the world's largest belt buckle to celebrate.

YES that title is official by the way, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed it on 20 October in 2021.

Everything You Wanted To Know About The World's Largest Belt Buckle

In January of 2022 Montana Silversmiths unveiled the World's Largest elt Buckle. Here are all the details about this Guinness Book of World Records Buckle.

Can you believe that Montana Silversmiths were able to make a functioning belt buckle that is 1,000 pounds and over 10 feet tall?

I wonder who we can find to wear it?

As I said above, the buckle is a replica of a "normal" sized buckle that can be purchased, and worn.

Though I have a feeling the price won't be cheap.

If you're interested in learning more about the process that went into creating this one-of-a-kind buckle you can watch the video below.

What an amazing work of art, and truly the perfect way for Montana Silversmiths to celebrate 50 years of making some of the best buckles in the world.

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