Let's face it, if you have lived in Montana for any amount of time you have eaten wild game. In fact, you have probably eaten more big game than you know. It is a part of our diet in Big Sky country. If you attend a dinner party or visit friends that hunt, there is a solid chance you are eating game. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have so many stories of people claiming they DO NOT like wild game, but secretly find it delicious. I have done taste tests with people and have always had them choose the game version over beef or poultry. Why? Because it is protein the way nature intended we eat. It isn't some lumpy cow. Wild game is lean mountain-grown meat that is better for you.

Growing up in a Montana hunting household we always had a freezer full of wild game. And if we didn't we made sure to spend more time in the field trying to fill the freezer. Burgers were always a go-to meal for most of our game. If we harvest an elk, we typically cut and wrap all the steaks and roasts. Leaving the rest of the elk for the burger. Elk burgers are one of the best parts of a true Montana cookout.

Now, Arby's is trying yet again to market big game meat to customers all over the country.

Just a few years ago, Arby's unveiled the "Venison Sandwich." This sandwich featured a giant hunk of deer steak on a bun. Reviews of the sandwich were mostly positive. Claiming it had a mild game taste, and was lean meat.

Arby's is back at it again with another attempt at marketing game meat to the masses. This time it is a combination of big game animals in one sandwich. Arby's has been offering a new "Big Game Burger." A burger that combines farm-raised elk, deer and beef together for one burger.

What else would you call it other than a BIG GAME burger? Beef-elk-ison burger?

After spending my entire life eating proper elk burgers in Montana, I decided I had to give it a try and see what all the hype was about. Before we get too far, I have to admit that I was a little bit apprehensive about eating fast food elk. One of my favorite parts of eating wild game is knowing that I harvested it and where it came from. This burger could be road kill for all I know.

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According to Arby's website the Big Game Burger is

A Venison Elk Blend Burger topped with melty Swiss cheeses, Crispy Onions, Sweet Garlic & Dill Pickles, and a Dark Cherry Steak Sauce served on a toasted Brioche bun. Made with 34% Venison, 33% Elk, and 33% Ground Beef Blend. Limited time only at participating U.S locations while supplies last.

Here is what my sandwich looked like


As an avid hunter and meat eater, I have got to say that my first impression of this burger was not great. Immediately on my first bite, I thought to myself "WOW! I could make an elk burger better than this on the tailgate of my truck."

It was clearly a frozen meat "puck" that was as dry as cardboard. One of the cardinal rules of preparing wild game is to NEVER overcook it. That was strike #1. Strike #2 was the "game-iness" of the burger. It was subtle, unlike that giant rutty bull you shot last year. But, mixed with the cherry sauce, it almost elevated the game-iness. Which was a turn-off for me as well. Strike #3 was having to shell out $9 for just the burger.

All in all, would I eat it again? NO! This burger was tough to finish (and that says a lot coming from me, especially when I am hungry.) It did however leave me with the motivation to shoot straighter next time I'm in the field with an elk or deer tag in my pocket.

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