Welcome back! After a weekend to deliberate and discuss with prosecutors, the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office has declared that I CAN show you the video footage from our recent break-in at Townsquare Media Billings.

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TL;DR: The entire video of the break-in is at the bottom of this article.

ICYMI: Here's a summary of what happened to the Mix 97.1 station vehicle in Billings

Last week, we shared details on a break-in at our building high atop the DoubleTree Hotel in Downtown Billings. This guy was given the GOLDEN TICKET of opportunity, everything fell into place to allow this to happen. Our elevator was malfunctioning, he happened to have just the right little screwdriver on him, and the car key was in a place he could grab it. He ended up being put into custody on site where the Mix 97.1 car was recovered, in Ballantine thanks to a sweet church lady who reported the situation. If you want to read EVERYTHING, click the button below to read Part 1. It's worth the read, I promise.

Part 2: The video footage... and more.

Here's the thing. All I truly left out in the first article was the video footage from our security cameras of him robbing us, and the fact that even after video footage and proof of this guy stealing our car, he is free roaming. According to the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office, he has been charged with multiple felonies AND has a warrant for his arrest in this case... but a warrant means NOTHING when he isn't going to be arrested.

KTVQ even came by today to interview me and Nikki Vega from Mix 97.1 about this whole situation, and you can catch that footage TONIGHT at 5:30 PM in the newscast.

Do we know this dudes name? Nope. The exact charges? Nope. Nothing yet, as it's still being investigated. The final part, Part 3, will land at some point in the future. Whenever the county gets around to convicting this dude. We'll be sure to appear in court for it too.

Yellowstone County has a big problem... and our commissioners are focused on each other.

My biggest beef with this whole thing? Our Yellowstone County Commissioners and everyone else at a high level running the show. They seem to be hard-focused on the MetraPark, and NEGLECTING the jail! He was booked, and released, in around six hours due to the jail being over-populated, according to YCSO. Have we considered maybe increasing the size of the jail? Maybe reviewing the people IN the jail, and releasing the ones who pose no danger to society?

So with that... I say this.

Dear Yellowstone County,

Fix the jail problem. Your Sheriff's Office is doing great work, however, with nowhere to put criminals... what is stopping someone from continuing to ROB people and businesses? Get it together. And leave MetraPark alone.

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