Earlier this summer, Jake Owen purchased a miniature VW van for his 3-year-old daughter, Pearl. Pearl liked having a mini VW like her dad's, but one thing was off: the color.

Pearl's mini VW van was originally coral, and her father's is sea foam green — but now, thanks to a coat of paint, they match!

"Had to re-paint Pearls VW Van because she wanted it to be "just like Daddy's" .... thanks @buswraps for hooking me up and making me look like a cool Dad," Owen writes on Instagram.

Pearl is shown driving her newly-painted van in a driveway as Owen asks her to stop so he can capture the two vans beside each other. "I gotta look at you next to Daddy's van," the proud father says as Pearl poses for the camera, all smiles.

Owen doesn't shy away from his love for his daughter, as he is often sharing adorable photos and videos of the two together. Earlier this year, when asked what the most meaningful thing he planned to do was, Owen answered, “seeing my daughter as much as I can.”

“Now especially that she lives in Florida with her mom … I have to be a dad that is everything to her,” he tells Taste of Country in our July cover story. “I have to be the dad that can teach her stuff and be strict, but I also don’t want to be the dad that every time she gets to see Dad, I’m just the guy that’s telling her what to do. I need to be her buddy, I need to be there for her.”

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