The last time I was in Jackpot in the Heights, I noticed the Montana Lottery Treasure Play consoles and asked the bartender about them.

I was feeling lucky, so I decided to play $10 and see how long it lasted — I was there for 45 minutes! With this Montana Lottery machine, you pick from $1, $2, $5 and $20 instant win games that have jackpots up to $20,000 (and some even larger!)

The night I played, Shake-a-Day had a jackpot of $1,828, while MT Slots had a jackpot of $5,211. My mom plays the Lottery a lot and always talks about the charities she's support if she won big, but I haven't really thought that much about what I'd do with an extra five grand. It's a problem I'd be happy to solve, though!

When you enjoy video gaming AND playing scratch off instant wins, this is the best of both worlds. And you can watch the jackpots grow in real time on the Treasure Play machine.

When you win, it will give you instant credit for more plays on the machine or you can cash out at anytime. If you're not patient and don't want to have the excitement of checking each number to see if they match, there's an easy scan for the ticket bar code that gives you instant WIN or LOSE results.

I'd call myself a drive-by Lottery player. I spend $5 here or $10 here on it and I enjoy the thrill of seeing if I got some unexpected cash.

What about you? Take this fun (and totally unscientific quiz) to see what kind of player you are. And don't forget to play Treasure Play this winter! (There are a handful of Treasure Play locations in our area; click here for a full directory.)