Could the Kelleys be any more talented? Let’s break it down: Josh Kelley is a phenomenal singer and songwriter, his wife is the award-winning Katherine Heigl, and his brother Charles makes up one third of country trio Lady Antebellum.

And just when you thought there couldn’t be any more room for artistic talent, you’re proven wrong. Josh Kelley took to his Twitter page earlier this month to share something especially sweet — and jaw-dropping. The singer posted a gorgeous drawing of his wife and daughter that he did by hand.

“Just finished this charcoal drawing of my wife and kid,” Kelley tweeted along with the black and white portrait of his beautiful girls. “Feels good to draw again. I missed it.”

Kelley’s drawing isn’t the only recent homemade project he’s shared, however. Before he literally went back to the drawing board, Kelley took his second stab at making sushi, tweeting “gettin good … Watch out sushi IKE,” along with the photo of the professionally-cut roll.

But he’s not the only one. Kelley gave his wife praise for her own crafty project as well. “Moma bear making her own home made laundry detergent!!” the proud husband tweeted as he snapped a quick picture over her shoulder. “Regular Martha Stewart over here!!”

This week, however, Kelley was forced to put the charcoal and chef’s knife down for a few days, as he returned to the road March 16 for a string of dates in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine.