What better gift to get your wife and daughter than a tattoo on your arm that symbolizes their meaning in your life? That’s exactly what Josh Kelley did on Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 22) while in Los Angeles with his actress wife, Katherine Heigl, and Heigl’s father.

“Bout to get my first tattoo today in LA,” Kelley tweeted to his fans. “Got my wife and father in law with me. Too funny man!!!”

Kelley’s next tweets came minutes later of “Ouch!!!” and “Steel!!! Ouchsauce!!!” and included photo updates of the progress on his left forearm.

“So close now. Hahaha!!!” he wrote after an hour, attaching a photo of his pain-stricken self while his tattoo artist worked away at the artwork.

One hour later, the final product was revealed to his fans. “Killer!!!!” the singer tweeted. “My wifes bday is nov 24 and naleighs on nov 23 so her 23 is in Korean and the sagittarius symbol in the middle.”

Like the rest of country music’s stars, Kelley and his family are gearing up for Thanksgiving this week, which will include his famous fried green tomatoes.

Fans can catch Kelley on the road this winter with brother Charles Kelley and his band Lady Antebellum. Kelley is the opener on Lady A’s new Own the Night Tour. Kelley’s involvement with the tour will conclude in mid-December. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

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