Kelly Clarkson is indulging fan requests on her current tour, playing whatever covers her fans request in advance and want to hear. At her Austin, Texas stop, Clarkson went country, something she’s been hinting at doing with her own music. She covered Pistol Annies‘ ‘Hell on Heels,’ musing that the song was requested by multiple people — and likely because she was in Texas. Texans love their Miranda Lambert, who’s one third of the Pistol Annies. Clarkson is also a close friend of Lambert and a native Texan, like her blond pal, so it was the perfect cover song.

In the video footage below, Clarkson says, “This is one of my favorite songs, but it’s kind of hard to sing because it’s three women,” nodding to the Annies being a trio, but she gave it the old college try. The result is absolutely stunning. Her soulful voice transitions beautifully and quite flawlessly to a county twang. With the release of the country version of her sleeper pop smash ‘Mr. Know It All’ and now this blues-infused country cover, maybe Clarkson is finally goin’ country.

Before she launches into her rendition of the song in the clip, Clarkson warns, “My voice is a little raspy. This is going to be very Janis,” referencing the late, great Janis Joplin. She quickly adds, “But that’s OK. This is Texas!”

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform ‘Hell on Heels’