Kip Moore's new single "More Girls Like You" doubles down on a heavy, thumping country formula he relied on to create one of the best country albums of 2015. His latest single is a sparse but imposing arrangement.

Moore is the centerpiece of this song, seemingly pounding a fist into the palm of his hand with every hard-spoken word of the chorus. This is his signature. Guitars swarm like bees as the rhythm drives "More Girls Like You," a new song from an upcoming album that at first taste appears to be not quite as soulful as Wild Ones.

Lyrically Moore and his co-writers have written a tale of girl taming guy. The singer plays a rowdy mustang (not too much of a stretch, is it?) conceding that he'd be willing to be tamed for her. No, this doesn't reflect his life as we know it, but when Moore sings of domestic bliss he does all right. "Hey Pretty Girl"  was, after all, his most commercially successful song to date.

Did You Know?: Producer and co-writer David Garcia is known for his success in the Christian music world.

Listen to Kip Moore, "More Like You" 

The Details of Kip Moore's New Single

Kip Moore, "More Girls Like You" Lyrics:

Well, I've been living like a wild ol’ mustang / Out in Montana fields / Might’a earned me a bad reputation / But never stopped these wheels / From going and rolling too far / Running and gunning a little too hard / So un-reigned, so untamed, yeah.

So God made girls like you make guys like me / Wanna reach for the brightest star, set it on a ring / Put it on your hand, grab a piece of land / And raise a few / More girls like you.

Your soul is pure golden / Must've been true love you were grown in / Sent the sun rays to a dark place / On the same day, yeah, God made.

It’s been a while since I stopped and prayed / But Lord have mercy look at her / He sure didn't make no mistake when he put that angel on Earth / Yeah, God made …

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