Today is the final day we are on the air for 2017. And seeing the "Year In Review" that has been popping up on Facebook with a bunch of photos that I've posted this year, I've decided to give you my year in review, with as few words about each event as possible.

Secrets Akumal (Flakestrip 21), Time off in February (made the paper), protest marches, Porterhouse the dog, shoulder doctor, Helena Science Museum/carousel/ Pastor Jeff Austin, Lisa Lovell (Known her since kindergarten!), Garth Interview, Garth meet & greet, Garth concert, Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge, Neal McCoy, Boz Scaggs, Oak Ridge Boys, Paul Simon, Rudy Gatlin on air with us, Gatlin Brothers concert, Chance Robinson, Washington Walmarts sell booze at 7 in the morning, Yankees- Mariners, Newport Oregon, lighthouse, Taylor Swift's face made from Good N Plentys, Fluffy tacos, would've been the year my sister turned 50, and my brother would've been 41, Fencing the Pederson Ranch, trailer tire blowout #1, 7 minute tire replacement in Winnett, trailer tire blowout #2, shooting with Dusty, Lara, George, Jena and Bob, Tim Giesler, met Chubbs, the Weezil, Scrub, Kathy Walker & "Mr Nick", Scott Avants, Stacey Robinson, Karen Gallagher, Ruth & Kevin at Trackside Auto Body, Rich, Terra, Tina, & Levi at the Stadium Club, Monsos, the entire Austin Family in Washington and Wyatt, Carol with Chase Hawks, Chris White, Smiling John Hansen, Obie, Everybody who helped us fence,  time with my niece, Kherington, roller skating, Dan Miller, plowing snow, Altana Heights ribbon cutting, walking 257 miles, losing 40 lbs, Elmer Link Course, Walker Course, Briarwood (birdied 14 when I was "auto walked") Black Bull with Jake Mushaben (nice kid, can't count), Boys Golf at Cottonwood and Bridger Creek, Missoula Country Club, Ponderosa Butte (100 degrees), Anaconda Hills, mom, Cheryl Wilson, Rhyann, Jenny.

And Dave Wilson being inducted into the Montana Broadcasters Hall Of Fame. About damned time.

Thanks for being in my life.

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