Feel like you're paying too much for car insurance?  You're probably right.  Unfortunately, a lot of what you pay to insure your vehicle revolves around where you live.  According to a recent survey by insure.com, Montana ranks 6th in the nation for the most expensive place to insure a car.

According to the data, the average price to insure a vehicle in Montana is $1,856, with the national average coming in at $1,438.  The states with the most expensive car insurance in the country were Louisiana at #1, followed by Oklahoma and Michigan.  Iowa and Maine had the least expensive averages of car insurance, with average rates listed at under $1,000.

Factors that drive the price of car insurance up include the number of uninsured drivers on the road in that particular state, various state-by-state insurance laws and natural disasters that may have occurred in the area.

Hopefully we make it through the summer without any major disasters!  The last thing we need is another tornado driving the cost of car insurance even higher.  How does your car insurance stack up against the average for Montana?