A Montana sports reporter found out there was a bear INSIDE his apartment building in Missoula, and the play by play coverage ensued.

Zach Kaplan is a sports reporter for ABC Fox Montana TV. As his colleagues at ABC Fox reported, he had a very interesting Monday.

Kaplan: You know, 11 o'clock- going out for a walk and hey- black bear going across my lawn.

Angela Marshall: And you live like right in the center of town in an area that's pretty urban.

Kaplan: Yeah, without going into too much specifics...well populated area. I mean, Russell Street's a busy street. And it turns out the bear- it went up right up to the door of a gas station. He got pretty close to some people before he got to my building and then game wardens had a great time getting them out. Shout out to all three of them. It took three game wardens to lift the bear out of the complex

Kaplan also described the funny response from his friends and family back on the East Coast. He is from Boston. Apparently his mom was pretty concerned. Check out the full back and forth on ABC Fox in the video below. (And thanks to Kaplan for letting us share the photo)

Here's the first Tweet Kaplan sent out after spotting the bear outside of his apartment.

Check out the photo of the bear on the 1st floor of his apartment.

By the way, if any radio or TV folks need some bumper music to go with this story, here's one that came to mind:



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