By Dylan Fletcher

So were you glued to the tube last night for "Dancing With The Stars"?  It's hard to believe it's the 13th season of the show! 

One of the 'stars' you should be watching is J.R. Martinez.  Now he is the veteran and actor that has inspired a lot of people with the story of his recovery from a landmine explosion.  Not only that, but we found out last night he's a pretty good dancer!

In case you didn't know, J.R. starred on the daytime soap "All My Children".  His military career began at 19 and while deployed in Iraq in 2003 as United States Army infantryman, he ran over a land mine while driving a truck.

And here he is now on 'Dancing With The Stars'.  This guy is already a winner in my book...hope the "Dancing" judges and fans see it the same way.