Thinkstock-Catherine Yeulet
Thinkstock-Catherine Yeulet

Oh joy. It's that time of year again for parent teacher conferences. Just when my stepkids are old enough that I don't have to go to them anymore, my little girl starts kindergarten and now I get to start all over again.

My theory is, if my kid is doing well, I shouldn't have to go, right? :)  I mean, what is there to discuss really? ABC, 1-2-3, can you tie your shoes?  Not exactly tough learning issues at 5 years old.  I understand that a lot of parents aren't really involved in their kids life and this is one way teachers force parents to at least pretend to care during the 20 minute meeting. No disrespect to any teachers, but here's an honest question... wouldn't it be easier for you if you only had to have conferences with the parents of kids who need help?

My favorite is that you have to cram yourself into the tiny chairs and tiny tables and squirm around uncomfortably during the whole meeting.  Trying not to appear bored while thinking about that cold beer waiting for me in the fridge.

Learn on, kiddo's!


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