Rising country singer Paul Jolley sang the Lonestar mega-hit 'Amazed' on 'American Idol' on Wednesday night (March 13), earning an overall positive reaction from the judges by following their advice and laying back on his tendency to over-perform.

He chose the song because Scotty McCreery performed it on the way to his win in Season 10. "You perpetually over-sing," producer Jimmy Iovine told him flatly, adding that nobody sings like Broadway vocalists in popular music. Jolley acknowledged that he gets too excited, and said he was determined to dial it back.

For the most part that's exactly what he did -- but that's not to say it was the entirely right choice. Jolley certainly didn't over-emote, and he sang the song very well; perfectly in tune and with a great deal of professional polish. But his performance was ultimately a little bit generic, and not particularly memorable outside of the moment.

Still, Keith Urban appreciated the fact that Jolley has been listening to the judges' criticisms. "Just stay on that track," he admonished the singer.

"This is the first time you've stimulated my sexual appetite," Nicki Minaj said bluntly, saying that she liked both his style and his song choice.

Randy Jackson also approved of Jolley's song choice, while Mariah Carey cautioned the singer that while it's great to see him reigning it in a bit, she doesn't want to see him hold back so much that he's not the same performer he was.

Jolley will find out if America sends him on to the next round on the results show Thursday night (March 14).