I've talked about this before, but apparently the person in front of me at the grocery store over the weekend hadn't read it. Quit wasting MY time.

I think that it's great that you and the checker have a little "back & forth" each time you come to the store. You already take just a little bit more time than you should while they are scanning your groceries. I can deal with that.

But when they have all of your groceries in sacks back in your cart, hand you a receipt and say "Have a nice day". That is the end of YOUR time. Anything you say to MY checker now becomes infringing upon MY time.

And I wouldn't even mind if you said it while walking away. But, I've got twenty seven other things to do today, while you, apparently don't. If that is the case, get back in line and wait for your turn again.

Next blog will be to those who can block an entire grocery aisle with their shopping carts.