Singer RaeLynn, who often posts about her pets and particularly her service German Shepherd Jazz, announced that Jazz tragically died on Monday (Sept. 30). The dog was trained to monitor the effects of diabetes, alerting RaeLynn to her sugar levels and alert her if they become dangerous.

The dedicated dog passed away from cancer complications, as the singer explained on social media. "Today me and [fiance] Josh lost our boy Jazz. Me and this Dog have traveled the world together. I’ve never felt so loved or protected by an animal in my life. When josh was gone Jazz’s presence always made me feel ok and protected. I’m gonna miss his kisses, sleeping by me at airports, walking with him and josh, getting woken up by him and Dolly, I’m gonna miss him never leaving my sight when he was with me but most of all I’m gonna miss his sweet heart and presence.

"I’m broken hearted. I wish dogs could live forever. I’m praying for peace. I am thankful that he has no more pain. He fought cancer for over a year. I am so proud of him and thankful that God picked me and Josh to be his parents on earth. I love you Jazz. You are my bud. I will never not think about how amazing and special you were to me and Josh. I love you so so so much. I wish I could see your precious face one more time. I miss you so much."

Just a year ago, RaeLynn was cautiously optimistic: ""The cancer is in his mouth and there really is not much we can do about it. We are basically doing surgery roughly every 12 weeks to cut it out."

Unfortunately the dog wasn't able to make it through the end of 2019. Raelynn wrapped a series of dates with Maren Morris in the spring.

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