There was an article this morning in the Billings Gazette that talked about medical facilities in particular hospitals not being able to require you to get the COVID vaccine. Some health care workers around the country have lost their jobs because of just that. These workers were exposed and already have the natural antibodies that the vaccine is trying to create. Nonetheless, they still lost their jobs. In Montana that can't happen.

The governor signed into law that no vaccine requirement can be placed on you by an employer. Not only that, but they can't ask you if you have been vaccinated, according to the article. Now, employers can make requests that they would hope their people get vaccinated, but ultimately the decision has eto be yours.

If you work for a national company like Walmart or Target, I don't know if their policy would be enforceable. Dr. Fauci this morning announced that people with compromised immune systems are now going to need a booster already. These things are changing by the day now and are we really getting science, or are we guessing as to what might be best? The decision ultimately should be yours. Remember, the chances of us getting hit by the Bennu asteroid in the next 100 years is 1 in 1750. That's a far greater risk than dying from COVID if you don't have any major health problems. That's also science that no one is taking seriously.

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