Laurel Is Montana's Most Stressed City
Ever feel like that no matter what the location, you're living in the most stressful place on the map? A new study from is revealing which city in each state has the highest stress level due to factors like unemployment, commute time and hours worked.
Just when you think you've heard it all
How many times have you seen a young child (or an adult for that matter) pick their nose and then eat it? Gross right? Well, maybe not. Did you know that there is actually research that says eating your boogers could be good for you?  How would one go about getting people to volunteer for this …
I wondered why he was always buying bars of soap
For those of you who still use bars of soap in the shower, and not shower gel, do you do what my husband does and get a new bar of soap before the other one is completely gone? At first I thought that he just didn't see the bar of soap in the shower caddy, so he got a new one...

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