Should We All Be Getting Flu Shots?
I did something the other night that I have never done. I went to the bar, well, that's not new, but the fact that I got a flu shot at the bar, that's new and crazy. I was out with my co-worker Mya. She was visiting one of her clients, Pharm406...
Don't Be A Tattletale When People Aren't Wearing Masks
The thing that I don't care for is the group of people who are "tattletales." They take it upon themselves to snap a picture of a coach or athlete who has their mask off for a fraction of a second. Then the picture gets sent to the school/coach/governing organization.
It's Science.
So, why has soccer started but football has to wait until Sept 11 in AA schools? Why didn't Mr. Felton answer the question about his medical background? Why are athletes allowed near their family at home and not at the football stadium?
HelloFresh Subscribers Should Discard Onions
an ingredient supplier to HelloFresh informed the company that a "potential presence of salmonella bacteria" was found in their onions and recommended that any onions that customers received between May 8 and July 31, 2020 be discarded.

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