My first jobs were in the food industry, and I've always jokingly said that everybody should have to work in fast food along the way. It will teach you how to clean. It will teach you to hustle. And will make you appreciate how much you make in whatever else you end up doing for a living.

I realize that a lot of people like working in the food service industry. I was in it mostly for the free pizza and the the hottie waitresses. But I learned how to bus tables in a timely fashion, clean grease traps, and how a little friendliness can increase your tip total on any given night.

Nowadays, I'd like to see folks be required to do self check out at the grocery stores. It will help you understand how hard it is to find the danged bar code. Also, it will show you how much faster you get out of any given grocery store. And, maybe it will give you a little empathy for the folks who do that kind of work.