High Valley

Meet High Valley, Aliens of Exceptional Ability
Sibling country duo High Valley have thrived and persevered. They’ve been insiders and outsiders, and remain newcomers despite a Linkedin profile full of successes. Brad and Curtis Rempel are remarkably down to earth, a surprise that's tempered when you learn key details of their Canadian upbringing.
The Showdown
Wow! High Valley have done it again. The sibling duo have pulled off another upset victory, this time over Keith Urban. They'll face off against Lady Antebellum singer Charles Kelley today and over the weekend to take a shot at the Hall of Fame.
The Showdown
High Valley notched a major Showdown upset over the weekend. The Canadian duo's new single "Make You Mine" inspired feverish voting, and in the end they had just enough to top Kenny Chesney's new song "Noise."
The Showdown
Luke Bryan has entered the Showdown Hall of Fame with his latest single, and we're starting fresh with a new Showdown between Josh Kelley and High Valley.
High Valley, ‘Love You for a Long Time’ – Song Review
High Valley‘s tight harmonies and bluegrass influenced pop-country sound will be new to American audiences, but the sibling trio proves that their success in Canada wasn’t just a fluke. ‘Love You for a Long Time,’ the debut single on Eaglemont Entertainment, is a professional recording one usually doesn’t find from a baby act. This group is clearly a seasoned — but still exciting — voice to keep a